Senate strips F-22 funding, Hate Crimes back in play

The Senate has stripped F-22 funding from the Defense Policy Bill, quelling Obama’s veto threat and removing a major roadblock to Hate Crimes which was added as an amendment. Could we see Hate Crimes finally pass in early August? Article here.

WASHINGTON – The Senate voted Tuesday to halt production of the Air Force’s missile-eluding F-22 Raptor fighter jets in a high-stakes, veto-laden showdown over President Barack Obama’s efforts to shift defense spending to a next generation of smaller, single-engine F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

The 58-40 vote reflected an all-out lobbying campaign by the Obama administration, which had to overcome resistance from lawmakers confronted with the losses of defense-related jobs if the F-22 program is terminated.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said it was “probably the most impactful amendment that I have seen in this body on almost any issue.” He said it was “about whether we will stop doing business as usual, and that is continuing to fund weapons systems that are no longer needed.”

The irony of the McCain statement is that he also went on Fox today to blast the Hate Crimes amendment as “an abuse of power”. Obviously this has been debunked before. He has done the same thing with other legislation as it seems to be the “thing to do” in the Senate when passing legislation. And listen to his double-speak on the F-22. This whole exchange was confusing. I guess you have to think like a Fox-elite to understand it.

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