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Maggie Gallagher Goes To Washington

NOM must indeed be very deeply concerned about DOMA’s future, if Mistress Maggie herself is heading to DC..

The nation’s most vocal opponent of gay marriage has opened an office in the nation’s Capitol to fight for DOMA.

The group says it will use its D.C. office to “stop any attempt to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that may come through the courts or lobbying in Congress.”

There are currently four lawsuits challenging DOMA in the federal courts. It is highly likely one of the suits will reach the Supreme Court, where a win could possibly open gay marriage for the entire country, but a loss would set the movement back decades.

“When the battle was to get a marriage amendment on the ballot in California, NOM was there to help. When Tim Gill and his friends decided to push gay marriage bills through [the] legislatures [of] blue states in the northeast, NOM lead the fight, helping to stop gay marriage in New York, working to overturn gay marriage in Maine, and helping win substantive religious liberty protections in Vermont and Connecticut,” Brian Brown, NOM’s executive director, said in a statement.

“Now gay marriage advocates are pushing Obama for the penultimate prize: repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the only national law that protects marriage. We felt NOM needed to be here in D.C. to make the voice of the majority heard.”

More below the fold- including how NOM, the Knights of Columbus, Roman Catholic Church Dioceses in 3 states and others outside of Maine have so far been financing a whopping 99.9% of the “People’s Veto” efforts in Maine.How will NOM manage to pay for it, with so much of their money going towards Marc Mutty and StandForMarriageMaine?

No worries- as they say, the Lord will provide…

And one wonders, will Maggie and cronies keep her office’s location a secret as they advised Mutty to do, to “protect from the angry mobs, with double-locked and barred doors, as NOM also suggested to the Portland Diocese’s “loaner”?


Speaking of NOM and money, there are some very interesting questions being asked up here in Maine, regarding NOM, the Roman Catholic Diocese and just how much financial support SFMM, aka “NorthEast NOM”, is able to get from local Mainers.

Remember last week the claims made by SFMM that they had raised boatloads of money? Well, seems that an amazing number of actual Mainers (you know, the only people who can VOTE here in November???) “put their money where their mouth is”.


Guess how much of the money raised by Stand for Marriage came from Maine residents?

The campaign finance report also shows four Maine citizens contributed a total of $400 to the cause.

$400?  That means that, out of the total amount raised, the amount donated by actual residents of Maine to the effort constituted a whopping .1%, whereas the amount donated by Religious Right groups like NOM and FOF made up the other 99.9%.

Versus Mainers SUPPORTING our new marriage equality law with their wallets numbered 192 for a total of $81,000 over the same time period.

That’s before other individuals around the country helped as well, and I thank everyone who has been able to do so. Much appreciated! 🙂

Don’t take my word for it; check out the newly released PAC info for yourself.

It’s fascinating reading- and maybe someone with more legal and political law knowledge than I possess can make sense of the various contributions by the Catholic Church as well.

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