A “twibbon” is a way to promote your cause by adding a banner to the lower right hand corner of your twitter pic.

Here's one I created for LGBT Equality: 


  LGBT Equality twibbon





How cool is this?  

You can get your LGBT Equality twibbon by clicking here, and your picture will show up with the little LGBT flag in the lower right corner of your picture.


Twibbon.com was created by stormideas to provide way to promote causes on Twitter.

Twitter has become a tool of political discourse, and a visual makes a strong statement.  In just 2 minutes you too can Start Something!

Indonesia United already has over 10,000 users with twibbons to protest terrorism in Jakarta. http://twibbon.com/join/IndonesiaUnite

More of that story here: http://twibbon.com/twibute/IndonesiaUnite

If you like Twibbon and want to ask questions about it, drop them a line at twibbon@stormideas.com