When LGBT or GLBT is discussed, we always think of lesbian, gay and transgendered.

But how little we talk about the B in LGBT, bisexuals. Often referred to as switch-hitters, on both sides or straddling the fence, folks who can't make up their mind yet as to their sexuality or are afraid to admit to one way or the other, and quite often it's the ladies who are discussed as opposed to men.

Just for the sake of doing this commentary, one which I have thought of doing for sometime, if you do a google search in the blog category and type in bisexual blogger, not a lot comes up in the search for true blogs.

There are those who, usually the more strident of the community, say you can only be one way or the other and not in between. But wouldn't that be like saying to a transgender you can only be a man or a woman no matter how you feel inside ?

I'm not getting into all the aspects of the “down low” for men, and probably women too, of all color and ethnic background.

No this is to bring up, and as I often do, some thought and conversation on one's own sexuality.

I guess when you get right down to it, I help put the B in LGBT.

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Editorial nugget – when I first wrote the complete posting in the wee hours of Sunday morning the original title was “Understanding The B In LGBT”.

After getting a couple hours sleep and thinking about where my journey in life has taken me, I decided to, in addition to the information already in the posting, completely personalize it, hence the new title.

Perhaps in a way, it will allow others to understand where I'm coming from in my “attitude” when writing some postings on FOCUS and Bitchy Old Queen. At the same time let others know they are not alone in the least vocal, and perhaps more closeted part of the LGBT community.

When first deciding to develop an LGBT commentary blog last year, the working title was “I'm a man who happens to be gay”.

But because I wanted to be “free” to discuss or point out any topic, I chose FOCUS and the format it has.

I suppose if I were to rewrite that working title it would now read, “I'm a man who is Bi and proud to say it.”

Guess you could call this a second “Coming Out”.

Lyndon Evans

Lyndon Evans