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Late Night: Yes, They’ll Even BS You about the *Weather*

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I’ve long considered that if conservatives thought it would Strike a Blow Against Liberal Fascist Treason they would lie about, like, the weather — "it’s raining out!" "No it isn’t!" "Then, uh, why is water falling out of the sky?" "Socialism!" Ha ha that is an amusing exaggeration presented here for comic effect.

But not by much. Observe! Here is John Hinderoper of the Power Line blog, proving decisively that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the weather in the city he lives in. Which is pretty astounding, though whether it’s astounding cheek or just astounding idiocy, or both, is an open question. Anyhow get this:

if something doesn’t change pretty soon 2009 may go down in history, in some parts of the U.S. at least, as another year with barely any summer. Here in Minnesota and across the Midwest, temperatures are abnormally cold. I don’t know whether the phenomenon is world-wide–data that will answer this question have probably not been assembled, and may not be honestly reported–but the current low level of solar activity suggests that the cooling trend could indeed be universal.

Here in Minneapolis, the temperature never reached 70 degrees today–rather astonishing for the middle of July, our hottest month.

Hinderhonker is clearly writing in the ludicrous genre of right-wing claims that a chilly day in the summertime proves that Al Gore wants to seize your SUV and sell it for Ding-Dong money. Which is, of course, a stupid genre. However, Hinderpooper here manages a sort of magnificent inanity, in that, once again, he can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the weather in the city he lives in. Nate Silver:

Indeed, it’s been pretty cool in Minneapolis for the past couple of days; the temperature hasn’t hit 70 since midday Thursday. But has it been an unusually cool summer? No, not really. Since summer began on June 21st, high temperatures there have been above average 15 times and below average 13 times. The average high temperature there since summer began this year has been 82.4 degrees. The average historic high temperature over the same period is … 82.4 degrees. It’s been a completely typical summer in Minneapolis.

Silver has the links and a nice little chart. So, Hindehummer looks pretty absurd! But wait there’s more!

The Twin Cities has fared better with the average temperature for the first 14 days of July just [a] few degrees colder than normal, the 26th coolest in the past 72 years.

Brrr! Gosh! Could it get any more ridiculous! Shit yeah!

Over the period from the start of the NWS record in 1891 to the early 1980s, Minnesota’s average annual temperature essentially did not change; its trend was essentially zero. Since the early 1980s, the temperature has risen slightly over 1°F in the south to a little over 2°F in much of the north; the trend has been upward. Much of the warming in the record seems to have occurred in the last 2 or 3 decades….

Minimum or ‘overnight low’ temperatures have been rising faster than the maximum temperature. Winter temperatures have been rising about twice as fast as annual average temperatures. Since these differences are both indicated by ‘greenhouse gas’ climate model results they add strength to the attribution of recent changes in temperature to anthropomorphic causes.

But, to be fair, that’s just the scientific record. Hinderbooger for his part offers some pretty compelling evidence for his position: "Today, walking down the street in downtown Minneapolis at 5:30, en route from my office to my parking ramp, I saw something I’ve never seen before: a man wearing a winter coat in July. Well, maybe not quite a winter coat, but definitely a fall/winter semi-parka with an unzipped, faux-fur lined hood." Though perhaps this fellow was in fact Al Gore, and inside the faux-fur were several packets of Ding-Dongs. It’s a conspiracy!

My good friend PW remarks via e-mail that Minnesota is also at the moment going through a drought, so maybe it’s a good thing if temperatures stay down. This mostly just proves of course that Al Gore and his Ding Dongs have gotten to Phoenix Woman. When will the madness end!

Never, perhaps. For instance, check out this video twolf discovered, IF YOU DARE, of a teabagger explaining anthropogenic climate change. I’ve never done meth personally, but after watching this video, I imagine this is a pretty close equivalent. Excuse me while I brush my teeth.

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