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Your Donations Now Paying NYCEve and Slinkerwink

Just a quick note to thank everyone for their kind donations to the Public Plan fundNYCEve and Slinkerwink have been volunteering their time to pass health care reform and now we’re going to be able to pay them to work full time on this until a bill passes, which — cross your fingers — will be some time in October.

Slinkerwink is Noelle Cigarroa Perese, who also writes about this issue from her personal experience — as a deaf person, she advocates for access to health care for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Slink has been tirelessly liveblogging the markups.  Eve is down here in DC with me tearing it up with insurance industry lobbyists. So again, thanks to everyone for their kind contributions.

We’d love to bring on someone to interface with state blogs and get some money for Mike Stark, so if you value what we’re doing, you can donate here.

Update, 1/5/2010:  Slinkerwink and Eve won’t be paid by FDL after the end of January, when we’ll be offering them fellowships along side bloggers like John Walker and Jill Richardson through our new Writer’s Fund.

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