Over at The Bilerico Report, Bil Browning reports on the latest development in the Rockstar Energy Drink saga is that the company, which recently stated that it was not affiliated with radio hate king Michael Savage and donated six figures to LGBT causes and expanded its LGBT-friendly corporate policies, announced Savage's wife is severing ties to her husband's company.

Several websites and community members questioned the authenticity of Rockstar's LGBT-friendly policies and gifts since Savage's wife, Janet Weiner, was the CFO for both Rockstar and Savage Productions. The beverage company quietly took another step forward recently that wasn't announced in a press release.

Janet Weiner quit her job at Savage Productions as an apparent statement of solidarity with equality advocates. No one talking to the beverage maker from Bilerico or Change.org asked Janet Weiner to quit her job at either company. A woman should never be defined as incapable of thinking for herself or as a simple extension of her husband; she is a person and not just Michael Savage's wife. Plenty of people make poor relationship choices but they're not considered unemployable; she deserves the same respect.

Company spokesman Tony Guilfoyle confirmed for me that Janet Weiner “is no longer a director or in anyway professionally associated with her husband's company Savage productions.”

…[Michael] Savage has ignored the damage to his reputation, the public shaming by media watchdog groups, and the general loss of esteem by his peers. As his family members “come out” as pro-gay allies, I wonder if he'll finally realize the damage he's done to his own family. His son's successful company's reputation was damaged by his familial tie; his wife has publicly distanced herself from his hate speech and made clear her commitment to inclusiveness and diversity.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding