Based on this video posted by Bruce Wilson with excellent analysis on Talk2Action, I think somehow Sarah Palin’s fave Wasilla place of worship, the Assemblies of God, seems to have overlooked the part of the Bible–Isiah 2:4–which talks about beating swords into plowshares.

And Wasilla Assemblies of God also overlooked the faith of the Samurai warriors who pledged feudal allegiance to a

Samurai Sarah!

temporal lord and practiced Zen Buddhism. In this video, shot June 8, 2008, with Sarah Palin in attendance, the Assemblies of God official says:

Warriors of old were considered undressed if they were without their sword… Swords were worn in service to the lord of the realm. Some of the most renounced swordsmen were the Samurai, who name means those who serve in close attendance to nobility, in the same way you serve in close attendance  to a great have been equipped to a high calling to a high king.

So this guy calls God "a lord..a high king" implying that there’s more than one Head Heavenly Honcho. Just saying…sounds a little pantheistic to me.

Here’s what Paul C Wagner, head of the International Church of Apostles, a congregation linked to Palin and dominionist theologies has to say about Buddhism:

The three most formidable anti-Christian forces in the world are Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. 

And Alton Garrison, who serves as executive director of Assemblies of God U.S. Missions, has this to say about Buddhism and other "false" religions:

Americans are looking for spiritual answers and finding them in false religions. Islam is growing rapidly in the United States. You hear of celebrities turning to Buddhism or some New Age philosophy. Witchcraft is on the rise. So we have a troubled population that needs answers.

And Christian apologist Douglas Groothuis, quoted in an Assemblies of God web article says:

On the other hand, because we are committed to the gospel of Jesus, we can’t celebrate the rise of Islam or Buddhism in the United States. 

And in another article on the Assemblies of  God website, this about the need to proselytize to prison inmates, Hal Donaldson writes:

Unfortunately, many false religions are offering their own brand of hope. Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Islam and more are vying for the allegiance of inmates through printed propaganda. And because inmates have significant time for reading, they are being indoctrinated en masse by materials contrary to the Word of God.

Uh oh! I am really puzzled by the use of Samurai symbolism, because that’s promoting through allegory (or propaganda!) a faith incompatible with Christianity which could lead these young impressionable minds to like, think about stuff.

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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