Liveblog Alert: Two House Committee Mark-ups Webcast Today

We NEED to keep our attention on the live webcasts of the committee mark-ups since they’re not posting amendments online for us to review. We have to be ready to respond if they offer an amendment that’s a poison pill amendment that would gut health care reform as we know it.

So, will you please join in with the liveblog today by following these live webcasts of the two committee mark-ups?

Live Webcast of Education and Labor Committee Today at 9:15AM

Live Webcast of Energy and Commerce Committee Today at 10:00AM

Yesterday, we called all Democratic Members of these three House Committees. Can you please keep on calling these Democratic Members today? This is a fight that the lobbyists are ready for–and they just might beat us if we don’t keep on fighting today.

You can help Nyceve, Jane Hamsher, and I over at Firedoglake along with other activists in this fight by donating. The murder by spreadsheet industry spends $1.4 million a day to help defeat health care reform, and they’re ramping up with everything they can to kill the public option and the national insurance exchange.

Please call these Democratic Members of these two House Committees to request that they, you know, not screw up health care reform. Also, I’ve marked the Blue Dogs on that spreadsheet in red.

You can use the talking points below when you call these Democratic Committee Members of these two House Committees.

I’m calling to thank [Name of Member] for supporting the House health care plan, and for supporting the public option and the national insurance exchange. As an American who’s faced denials of claims and has been facing higher insurance premiums, the public option and the national insurance exchange is necessary to hold down the costs of private insurance and give us the kind of care we need. Please do not vote for any amendments during the mark-up process that would weaken the public option and the national insurance exchange! I’m an American who needs the choice of the national insurance exchange and the public option.

Please feel free to comment here on the live webcasts of the mark-ups on health care reform! And please report back on your calls if you can.

Update: The New York Times said that Ways and Means passed health care reform on a vote of 23-18 late last night. Three Democrats voted against it. Ron Kind, John Tanner, and Earl Pomeroy. 

Update #2: Wonk Room says that the Education and Labor Committee just passed health care reform this morning. No word on the vote yet. 

Update #3: Polis, Titus, and Altmire, Blue Dog Democrats, voted against the passage of health reform in the Education and Labor Committee. 

 Update #4: Energy and Commerce Committee is back. Let’s continue the liveblog for that one!

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