Charles Rangel on Blue Dogs Holding Health Care Hostage

Mike Stark spoke with Charles Rangel, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, on the Hill.

Mike wanted to know how Mike Ross (D-AR) — who is negotiating for the Blue Dogs — can threaten to stop the House health care bill from going through without repercussion. Rangel says that Mike should ask Ross, but that’s not the question — Ross isn’t going to punish himself.

Update:  Ways & Means passed the bill.  We lost three Democrats:  Kind, Tanner and my good friend Pomeroy.  Education & Labor also just voted the bill out of committee.  We lost three Dems there too:  Polis, Titus & Altmire.  Which is just wrong.

Polis’s office is  202.225.2161. We shouldn’t be losing someone like him.

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