Ben Nelson Calls House Health Care Bill “Class Warfare”

Ben Nelson

President Nelson speaks:

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), whose vote will be critical to passing a final healthcare reform bill through the Senate, condemned the House version of the bill, which institutes a surtax on wealthy Americans to finance the $1 trillion bill, as creating "class warfare."

"I think it’s a devastating blow," Nelson said of the import of the CBO analysis this week that the House healthcare reform proposal would worsen the fiscal situation of the U.S. over time.

The only way we get a public plan is if progressives take a stand and refuse to "compromise" with Ben Nelson over something 76% of the public wants.

Nyceve got an email from a friend in the lobbying world:

I spoke with a friend in the Lobby World yesterday. He says the health care issue has become interesting.

He says the Public Option has moved from "No Chance." To: "Distant Maybe."

But he says that tiny move has created a full on panic by the Insurance and Big Pharma teams. The clients who hire the lobbyists you have met have sent down the orders: Spend Everything!!! Kill This!!!

Interesting. Game on. Stay Angry, and go get em.

Both Andre Carson and Robert Wexler refuse to confirm that they are on the whip list and committed to vote against any bill that doesn’t have a public plan that meets the CPC criteria, even though CPC whip Diane Watson confirmed that that it was valid.

If we’re going to win this fight, our side is going to have to get tougher. With 76% of Americans behind them, that shouldn’t be so tough.

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