U.S. Legislator of the Day: Joe Donnelly

Well, good work, folks. Yesterday we sent 173 emails to Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who is undecided on ENDA. And now…


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Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana


Tel: 202-225-3915

Joe Donnelly voted for ENDA in 07, but not Hate Crimes in 09.

According to Wikipedia, he graduated from Notre Dame and went to law school there too. Donnelly campaigned on a platform of seeking to improve the lot of the middle-class citizens of his district, promising to revise trade agreements to make them more fair to American workers, and to raise the minimum wage, supporting attempts to patch the Alternative Minimum Tax in order to protect middle class earners. Additionally, he has been a consistent advocate for the interests of small business owners.

Donnelly is a member of Blue Dog Coalition, a group of conservative Democrats in Congress, and holds pro-life and pro-gun rights positions. In March 2007, he was recognized as "Blue Dog of the Week" for his work on helping small businesses. He has also broken with the Democratic leadership on several budgetary issues, including the 2008 fiscal budget proposal. In June 2007, he was ranked as one of the ten most independent Democrats by a nonpartisan Congressional Quarterly report.

My thought on Joe Donnelly is that a lot of us are middle class people with jobs who want to be judged on our merits, not on personal identity. Like other civil rights laws, ENDA does not apply to small businesses, so it can't hurt them. (It would probably help them, since it would require them to keep good workers regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, but that's a horse of a different color.)

In 2004 Donnelly lost, and in 2006, he won by an 8% margin, but in 2008, riding on President Obama's coattails, he pummelled the Republican opposition 67-30. It looks like the liberals put him in office.

Please email Rep. Donnelly and tell him in your own words why HR 3017 is important to you.

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