Well it’s still Thursday night here.

Sorry for the delay, we had very late lunch and then went to see the baseball men downtown. That baseball thing did not end well. We could have left early but we have a family rule that states you must stay for the whole game no matter what the score. This goes back to old family story about  the first night I was tasked with taking care of baby L&T Casey when mrs tbogg went back to work. I took the lil L&T with me to a Padres game against the Dodgers which ended up going about 16 innings. Since this was in pre-cell phone days I couldn’t and didn’t call to explain why we weren’t yet home. I mean Casey was enjoying it, I was enjoying it… hey, y’know, baseball. Needless to say when we rolled in after midnight mrs tbogg was frantic, assuming  that I had, oh I don’t know, lost the baby or traded her for magic beans or something and that I was too embarrassed to come home.

But neither of those things happened thankyewverymuch and just shut up. So anyway I wanted to leave around the seventh inning tonight (because I CARE ABOUT YOU PEOPLE)  but Casey said no, so blame her.

Oh right, the dogs. Who were frantic because we were so late…

Fenway the poser and Beckham the, well, just Beckham being Beckham.



Yes they are the same breed.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....