Hard to believe the GOP is so determined to confine themselves to irrelevancy by opposing health care reform. But at least they can be bought. Yesterday’s party line vote in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, to pass reform which included a "public option" showed where the insurance and pharma lobby is putting their $1.4 million a day:

* Those members who voted "no" today have received $1.1 million more on average from the health sector since 1989 than those who voted "yes" ($2.2 million versus $1.1 million). This includes contributions from the employees and political action committees of health companies to the lawmakers’ candidate committees and leadership PACs.

* Those members who voted "no" have received $118, 227 more on average from insurance companies than those who voted "yes" — $250,000 compared to $131,800. This includes health and accident insurers, HMOs and health services.

* Those members who voted "no" have received $266,182 more on average from pharmaceutical and health product companies than those who voted "yes" — $520,100 compared to $253,950.

This information not of interest to most mainstream media reporters. Those servile emails to Republican philanderers won’t write themselves.



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