Former FBI agent, Colleen Rowley, is publicly demanding renewed investigation of 9/11. She and Robert Schopmeyer have had a couple online exchanges over on this Raw Story thread that are very revealing. As you review that entire thread, be wary of the COINTELPRO troll named CB_Brooklyn. The CIA is active with disinformation in that thread, which should serve to reinforce the truthfulness of many of the claims made there.

Here’s a portion of Schopmeyer’s comments.


Who blocked FBI Agent Harry Samit’s and Coleen Rowley’s investigation of Moussaoui and why?

From a FBI document found on the US official web site for the Trail of Zacharias Moussaoui:

Defense Exhibit 792,

April 2001; The FBI HQ released a threat assessment which said:

"Bin Laden Khattab Threat Reporting"

Another long comment by Schopmeyer at #177 re: the Defense documents in the Moussaoui trail is revealed here.

Some exceptionally valuable and revealing comments in this thread by apparent insiders – not the least of which is this at #187:

“NLE98 is going to go ‘live’ with an attack on Iran around the end of the month.” and: “lots of military transport traffic in the skies here in this pre-staging area, with Israeli pilots practicing with U.S. pilots at Nellis for the next two weeks.”

Something’s up. People are daring to come forward with what they know to be true – urgently.

It’s time.

The fact that two former agents are exchanging what they know in the light of day – on a blog – and others are chiming in, is itself, amazing. The FBI and CIA must be shitting in their collective pants.