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Diane Feinstein’s Office: “Under No Circumstances Will We Meet With Jane Hamsher”

Both the Sarkisyans and I are California residents, so we called Diane Feinstein’s office and asked for a meeting. Kristin Wikelius, one of he legislative assistants, said they’d be happy to meet — but it had to be off the record.

I don’t know why a meeting with your Senator has to be off the record, but that’s what they wanted.

A short time later, Feinstein’s communications director, Gil Duran, called and said "Under No Circumstances Will We Meet With Jane Hamsher." So even though I’m a California resident who pays California taxes who has been treated three times in the past 16 years in California for breast cancer, I can’t come to the meeting because I’m been critical of Feinstein’s votes steering billions of dollars in government contracts towards her husband.

Feinstein has said that there "aren’t enough votes" in the Senate to pass a public plan — even though 76% of Americans want one.

Feinstein’s sense of personal entitlement with regard to her job as a US Senator seems to be without limit, and her willingness to make decisions based on what benefits her personally could doom meaningful health reform for all of us.

Her number is (202) 224-3841. It took us 15 calls to get through before they answered — maybe you’ll have better luck.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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