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Dennis Kucinich Took $39,450 from Health Industry in 2008

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) penned a column saying that the public option isn’t good enough, and that liberals should favor single payer health care instead. This type of action has the potential to undermine the real health care reforms, which would insure 39 million more Americans, progressives have foughts so hard for. I decided to take a look at the biggest donors to Dennis Kucinich’s Presidential campaign in 2008. I found that Rep. Kucinich took a substantial amount from the health care industry:

Rio Bravo Cancer & Blood $4600
HHC (New York Health and Hospitals Corporation) $3650
University of Iowa (has medical school): $3500
University of California (has multiple medical schools): $3400
Maricopa Integrated Health System $3,300
Miti (Micromet, drug company): $3200
North Ohio Heart Center: $3000
General Electric (owns hospitals): $2850
Cleveland Clinic: $2750
Chakshu Research (medical device maker): $2300
Harmony Healthcare: $2300
Medical Information Technology: $2300
Health Care Consultant: $2300
University of Wisconsin (has medical school): $2300

Total from 2008 cycle: $39,450 from people who work for organizations or corporations which have a direct stake in health care reform.

It’s little wonder that Rep. Kucinich pulls his act of opposing health care reform legislation on the grounds that it is not good enough for him. Rep. Kucinich says he is opposing the solid plan proposed by the House because it isn’t single payer.

The House bill isn’t perfect, and could certainly be improved. But the CBO says 97% of Americans would have access to health insurance, and the dignity of medical care which comes with it if the House bill becomes law. That’s 39 million Americans who would be able to take care of their ailments, afford medicine, and be productive members of society. But Dennis Kucinich is close to voting with Republicans to keep those 39 million Americans in the waiting room for another decade.

The real question is: Is Kucinich voting against health care for 39 million Americans because he really favors single payer, or is it because he wants to please his big money donors from last year?

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