Click here for the recent “emotional marriage debate” in Maine between Portland Diocese’s Marc Mutty and Maine Freedom To Marry’s Jesse Connolly.

Oh, this is hilarious- so much for any sort of honesty or transparency, let alone full disclosure!

Portland Press Herald’s Bill Nemitz has an incredible column today. Check out some excerpts (emphasis mine):

Now, as the campaign to repeal Maine’s same-sex marriage law shifts into high gear, fear is once again in the air. Only this time it’s not the homosexual community that’s quaking.

It’s their opponents.

“I know what you’re saying – there is some irony there,” agreed Marc Mutty, now on leave from his job as public affairs director for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to run Stand for Marriage Maine.

Still, Mutty said, “We feel like the minority that’s being discriminated against. We are being treated like pariahs everywhere we go.”

A recent e-mail to the staff at the Portland diocese, forwarded to me this week by someone using the pseudonym “M. Luther,” offers this advice to the diocesan staff:

“For security reasons, please do not give the physical location of the SFMM (Stand for Marriage Maine) office to anyone. It’s imperative that no one else know the location.”

Have a steaming cup of paranoia, folks?

Doesn’t a 501c3 like SFMM have to disclose information to the public, like their physical location and such?

The e-mail also instructed staff members, should they receive any “marriage” calls, to “direct the angry mobs to the toll-free number or invite them to visit the SFMM website.

Sitting Monday afternoon inside Stand for Marriage Maine’s headquarters, an unmarked office in Yarmouth, Mutty said he authorized the e-mail. The “angry mobs” reference, he said, was tongue-in-cheek and not meant for public consumption.

Asked why repeal proponents are so worried about their safety, Mutty cited “what happened in California.”

More recently, Mutty said, consultants from California who were hired to help with the Maine repeal effort have warned repeatedly that this is dangerous business and security should be of paramount concern.

To be clear, Mutty said, it’s not the “organized opposition” here in Maine that has Stand for Marriage Maine on alert. Rather, he said, it’s the “fringe groups” from away.

Maine is now ground zero in the (same-sex marriage) debate,” Mutty said. “And the activists on both sides know that.”

No kidding. Tell me about the folks from away.

Tell me even more about them, Mutty.

More below.  So how about the Maine Freedom To Marry camp? What say they?

Stand for Marriage Maine’s secretive ways contrast sharply with the see-through strategy of the Maine Freedom to Marry coalition.

Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for Maine Freedom to Marry, said his group plans a grand opening of its headquarters on outer Forest Avenue in Portland in the next week or two – and the public is invited.

“Our whole effort is volunteer-driven,” Connolly said. “And our volunteers need to know where we are – so we’ll be publicizing that throughout the state.”

Beyond the logistical advantages to having an actual address, Connolly said his organization is “totally transparent” and looks forward to operating a “very welcoming and open office.

“Maine is a much different place from California,” Connolly said, adding, “I’m not sure where (the opposition’s) fears are coming from.”

I’m guessing Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher are getting a tad antsy about Maine… and that’s exact;y where the paranoia “fear” is coming from.

You know how I’m going to end this one and I thank  everyone in advance:

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