New Power Couple: Princeton Prof & New Orleans Mayoral Candidate

Coupled candidate (The Nation)

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Associate Professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University, has a link on her website:Support MHL’s mayoral pick for the city of New Orleans, James Perry. Perry and Harris-Lacewell recently wrote an article together for  The Nation entitled "Obama’s Debt to New Orleans" with the thesis:

Katrina is the wedge that opened the door for Democrats, and this new Democratic administration and Congress owe a particular debt to the people of the Gulf Coast. President Obama and his party must repay that debt… In 2005 Katrina effectively ended the Bush administration’s control of public discourse. The failures of the Bush administration in the aftermath of the storm ended GOP dominance and allowed Democrats an opportunity to govern. Democratic victory was possible because the people of New Orleans suffered. This is a debt Democrats must repay.

Tonight on Keith Olbermann MHL made mention of dating a NOLA mayoral candidate, so it doesn’t take much looking to figure out who. Now the question is: Whither the couple and whither the campaign?

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