“Holy Jeez”

Sure yesterday’s Washington Post Op-Ed from Sarah Palin had some indications it involved her participation. It completely misunderstood the concept of Cap & Trade; it ignored the whole purpose of such legislation — fighting global warming; and it was in direct contradiction to what she has said in the past as McCain’s running mate. So it involved ignorance and deception.

But it also involved things that made me dubious of authorship. It involved words, formed into relatively coherent sentences which turned into paragraphs. In short, while it was illogical and false, it was relatively grammatically coherent.

And because of this I am dubious. I saw the last thing that Sarah Palin and her staff (the Na-Schnooks of the North) wrote, her resignation speech, and it had two hallmarks of Sarah Palin. It was incoherent and it was full of hypocrisy. The Op-Ed had only one of those things.

Look at her twitter page, she is in her 40s and obviously just discovered Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. Next up, Roget’s. By 2016 she might be ready to try Strunk & White. Until then, she’s only qualified to write for a truly insane editorial page, like the Wall Street Journal.

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