Remember the ridiculous brouhaha our bright-shiny-object media made about Obama’s choice of a family dog? He at first announced his intention to rescue a "mutt” from a shelter, but ultimately switched to a pedigreed pooch.

Perhaps that little turnabout was more telling than I had originally thought. At the very least it is a metaphor for Obama’s disturbing pattern of embracing the needs of society’s pedigreed elites – the corporate, military, and political classes – at the profound expense of America’s working class.

Many of these elite cronies have perpetrated colossal amoral and illegal acts causing ever-debilitating hardships on America’s working class. We see these same powerbrokers get rewarded by Obama and his administration with obscene amounts of taxpayer money, continued power and influence, and protection from legal prosecution and public exposure.

Barack Obama baited and switched us, the average, lower-lip-above-water Americans, left to drown figuratively, or in the case of Katrina, literally, by Bushco. Obama has betrayed us. BIG TIME. CONTINUES TO. He is serving crony capitalism, crony militarism and crony political gamesmanship. We continue on as their victims, now under his stewardship.

Obama is not a progressive champion. Having wooed us with smooth words and that bright, endearing smile, he is proving more and more a “regressive”. Regressive even to the point of leaving undone the 1679 writ of habeas corpus. We must mourn and accept this. It is no easy feat, since the stakes were so high, our hope so gargantuan.

Many are still waiting for “it” to happen. The CHANGE we can believe in. So much on his plate, after all. The colossal mess left to him by Bush. But the learning curve for which we have extended our collective patience is pointing less and less in our direction.

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Breaking through the first, denial, may be the cruelest and most formidable. And divisive, collectively. We post-denial messengers are easy, unwitting targets for the defensiveness of the deniers. They often admit to being "confused" by Obama. But to stay confused, semantically speaking, is to be "fused with". Numb. Paralyzed. Unready and unwilling to surrender a fantasy faith to a demoralizing reality.

I think I may be on the cusp of the bargaining and the depression stages.

Bargaining because when I am confronted by an Obama apologist, I momentarily return to the familiar hope that there is still a plan he has for us. It is still to emerge. After all, consider his intelligence. His life story. His smile.

As to my entry into the depression stage, I donned a black armband about a month ago thinking it would be a short-lived exercise of protest. I was horrified at the inadequate response of our leadership and media over the breathtaking scope and nature of Bushco’s torture program. I assumed an acknowledgement of such evil and commitment to accountability in terms of moral and constitutional law would be forthcoming by our sane, new Obama administration.

As the days stream by, I now put on the armband, not with the energy of hope and anger but with a weary sadness. Dismay. My shock and awe that I am unofficial and alone in concretely acknowledging such mass criminality and sadism. With every passing day the black armband comes to represent more and more travesties of justice and morality – from what Rachel Maddow aptly described as "this ethical freakshow of a universe."

We trusted Obama was the right man to handle the responsibility of the presidency. "Response-ability", an ability to respond. His lack of spontaneity and moral righteousness over these travesties indicate to me Obama is more political gamesman than principled statesman.

Ironically, Obama is not the only president having played "bait and switch" lately. The ousted President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, "baited and switched" but going the opposite direction from Obama. He politically "punked" the Honduran oligarchy that presumed him crony. Democratically elected in 2005, Zelaya, though a member of a wealthy landowner family, has steadily promoted the needs of his general citizenry, 70% said to be under the poverty line. He took on the sweatshops, raised the minimum wage 60%, instituted free lunch programs for schools, supported unions, enhanced the health care program, etc. It was not surprising the elites were outraged — that tiny top percentage that is said to hold about half of the country’s wealth. And in threatening the political, economic and military status quo, Zelaya thereby inconvenienced those international elite cronies of Honduras, too, including our own United States.

The anti-populist power-brokering cronies (within and without) collectively decided to play hardball with President Zelaya. They had the military stage a coup. In President Zelaya’s own words:

They attacked my house at 5:30 in the morning. A group of at least 200 to 250 armed soldiers with hoods and bulletproof vests, and rifles aimed their guns at me, fired shots, used machine guns, kicked down the doors and just as I was, in pajamas, they put me on a plane and flew me to Costa Rica. This all happened in less than 45 minutes.

Shocked and awed, Zelaya found his pajamed self suddenly alone, abandoned and dishonored on a Costa Rican airfield tarmac. At the same time corporate medias (within and without Honduras) got busy spinning disinformation about his "abuses of power." A falsified letter of resignation from him was presented to the Honduran Congress.

This is what can happen to a leader committed to the "common good", willing to take on an unjust status quo. Willing to take on the fantastically financially- and politically-empowered elites.

Undoubtedly, President Obama would not want to undergo such an experience.

But we, the American Working Class, deserve and need a President who is willing to risk it.