A [sic] New Game

In his post today, Glenn Greenwald employed a literary device to achieve one of the most clever bits of snarky writing I’ve seen in a long time. Those who follow Greenwald know that one of his recurring themes is the complete lack of objectivity in the DC press corps and mainstream media as they dutifully parrot right-wing framing of the issues.

Today’s topic was a particularly vapid exchange on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that occurred yesterday. At one point in the post, Greenwald quotes the transcript from the program:

Brzezinski: I would completely agree with you, yet the questions are being raised by news organizations like the New York Times. Pat Buchanan, chime in, because as I’ve been reporting [sic], and I’ll say it for Chuck’s benefit here:

What a perfect put-down! Greenwald is saying that he included the "erroneous" self-reference by Brzezinski that what she does is "reporting" with the error intact.

For those who might be a bit unsure on the definition, here is what gives as the definition for sic:

Thus; so. Used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally.

I think Greenwald may have come up with a wonderful new pastime. I tried it out a bit later in comments on his post. Chuck Todd was quoted in the transcript as saying "You can’t suddenly change the law retroactively because there’s another interpretation of this." My response to Todd’s statement:

Unless, of course, we need to protect the telecommunications companies from civil lawsuits they might encounter because of their patriotic [sic] actions on behalf of the NSC.

An added bonus to this game is that it inserts, for the reader, the word "sick" as a commentary on the erroneous word or usage. For example, given the degradation during the Bush years and the unexpected continuance of this degradation under Obama, I think we now can refer to the Department of Justice [sic]. Or do we take a bit of leeway and say Department of [sic] Justice?

Others at Greenwald’s blog got into the act. For example, commenter What Constitution? titled a comment "Chuck Todd Enabling Respect [sic] for the Rule of Law".

Will this [sic] new game catch on? Feel free to give it a try in comments.

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