Not Larry Sabato is up with a post on Gerry Connolly that shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows Virginia politics. Gerry Connolly has taken to quoting Republican talking points in the pages of the Wall Street Journal:

"I’m not persuaded any sort of tax increase is needed," said Rep. Gerald Connolly, a first-term Democrat from Virginia. He suggests Democrats should focus more on finding budget savings. "The jury is still out on what, if anything, we have to do for revenue enhancement."

I think Not Larry says it best:

I’ve spoken to a few leaders in the health care debate who are furious about this quote- we have been working on fixing this problem for almost two decades, and voters did not elect Gerry Connolly to Congress to derail health care reform or the public option. Especially not by using Republican talking points about a "tax increase" that is really only an adjustment to the pre-Bush era.

If you’d like to let Congressman Connolly know what you think about his position on health care you can reach him at:

Washington DC: (202) 225-1492.

Annandale Office: (703) 256-3071

Prince William Office: Phone: (703) 670-4989

Marisa McNee

Marisa McNee