Here’s a partial list of things you can be sure will be write on the tip of Lindsay Graham’s tongue today (more here):

1. If you’re such a “wise Latina woman,” where’s your long gray beard and glasses?
2. Hey, ‘Dodo Mayor’ – wanna fight? Come on, at least arm wrestle Bachmann!
4. Have you ever conceived a child with a gay illegal immigrant that was later aborted?
8. Has your husband ever actually said to you, the exact words “I am not a gay illegal immigrant?”
9. So you can’t really be 100 percent sure then?
11. What do you think is a more strange name for a Supreme Court justice, Sotomayor or Bork?

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But seriously, how did we get to this point where there’s no effort to even hide the fact that the talking point are just talking points? Can’t they just pretend that any part of these hearings are somehow relevant to the monumentally important job she’s interviewing for?

Based on the coverage of her nomination, we’d all think that her career consisted of one case involving firefighters and one speech where she talked about the empowerment of Latina women… oh, and something about baseball.

Even Lindsay Graham prefaces his attacks with a caveat that they’re probably going to fail. So sad to see the GOP chasing its own tail so vigorously…




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