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Allies’ stance cited in US gays-in-military debate

First of all, I am surprised nobody picked this up. So, here it goes.

Many a newspiece published this article. The article talks about gays and lesbians serving in the mlitaries of Israel, Australia, and UK. The article starts off explaining that both proponents and opponents of DADT are citing the experiences of the 3 countries for their own side. However, once you start reading, the experience of these militaries seems to be pretty much on the side of DADT opponents. It seems that all of the empirical evidence supports DADT opponents about the professionalism and ease of allowing LGBTs in the militaries.

The only argument for DADT comes from an Australian interviewee. And it seems he is not actually citing studies or quoting numbers… All that he is bringing to the discussion is a theory:

Brig. Jim Wallace, who commanded an elite Special Air Service mechanized brigade until retiring in 2000, argues that gays and women should be barred from combat roles.

“Do you want an army which is already likely to be outnumbered wherever it fights to be fighting at its most effective or its least effective?” Wallace asks. “If you want to sacrifice fighting effectiveness for political correctness, then all right, go ahead.”

He referred to the traditional 10-soldier units commonly deployed in Australian combat forces.

“Now if you introduce into that 10 men a love or lust relationship, you immediately damage the phenomenon of mateship,” he said. “There is some discrimination that has to be done to maintain the effectiveness of society or the effectiveness of fighting units.”

From what I've seen, the US did not choose not to have Brits and Australians as partners in its military operations around the World. Our soldiers rely on them. As for the Israelis, no one seems to doubt their military effectiveness either.

So, what is this article? Finally, the 4th branch of government decided to act? Seeing as how the other branches have been quiet? Or is the media actually picking up on the topic of LGBTs in the military? Did Senator Reid just read this article and decided to speak for change?

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