We’d Love to Trust You Steve Cohen, But…

Mike Stark spoke to Steve Cohen about taking the Pledge. Cohen said he believed in all the principles, but that you never knew what was coming down the road. In other words, we should trust him.

But Cohen was one of those who, in 2007, signed a letter saying he would vote for no war funding that did not have troop withdrawal provisions. And he did vote against the supplemental the first time it passed the House. Over and over again, when people called to ask how he would vote, Steve was "leaning no." He told Howie Klein he was "leaning no."

Steve Cohen voted for the supplemental.

Jeremy Scahill called Steve out at the time, saying: "for those who campaign as anti-war and signed pledges not to continue funding war and then vote for billions more for wars they claim to oppose, Tuesday should be remembered as a day of shame and cowardice."

Cohen also took a bad vote on the ACES big coal bail-out. Is he casting every vote in fear that the White House will back Dr. Willie Herenton for his seat? Should we just assume that he’ll abandon his principles and line up every time Rahm wants some shitty neoliberal bill passed?

If you’re one of our readers who gave money to Cohen, or if you believed him when he came here and talked about defunding the war as a way to end it, call him and tell him that good intentions are not enough — he needs to take the pledge.

Phone: DC (202) 225-3265, (901) 544-4131 Memphis

And remember to support good behavior — Please give $8 for 8 to Health Care Heroes.

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