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Liz Cheney: Obama’s Failure to Gloat about Winning the Cold War Endangers America

She’s nuttier than her old man, this one.

There are two different versions of the story of the end of the Cold War: the Russian version, and the truth. President Barack Obama endorsed the Russian version in Moscow last week.

The Cold War ended not because the Soviets decided it should but because they were no match for the forces of freedom and the commitment of free nations to defend liberty and defeat Communism. It is irresponsible for an American president to go to Moscow and tell a room full of young Russians less than the truth about how the Cold War ended.

And here’s what Obama said in Russia that Dick’s daughter finds so alarming.

The Cold War reached a conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years, and because the people of Russia and Eastern Europe stood up and decided that its end would be peaceful.

Liar! Everyone knows that Reagan singlehandedly won the Cold War by giving really awesome speeches, kicking the crap out of Grenada and successfully deploying the Strategic Defense Iniatitive, known as "Star Wars." No Russians or Eastern Europeans were involved.

And besides, a real American who loves his country would’ve gone to Moscow and been all, WE WIN YOU LOSE MOTHERF#$@#&S!!!1!!

Perhaps Mr. Obama thinks he is making America inoffensive to our enemies. In reality, he is emboldening them and weakening us. America can be disarmed literally — by cutting our weapons systems and our defensive capabilities — as Mr. Obama has agreed to do. We can also be disarmed morally by a president who spreads false narratives about our history or who accepts, even if by his silence, our enemies’ lies about us.

Yep. If it’s one thing those Cheneys know, it’s false narratives.

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