Former McClatchy Writer, Newly Arrived in US from Iraq, Needs Help

Dear friends, I am writing to ask if you can spare some time to send a note of encouragement to Hussein Khalifa, a former McClatchy Baghdad Bureau correspondent who just moved to the U.S. He expected to find an uncle in Ft. Worth, Texas, but found no one he knows at the only address he had. And if any of you live in the area and can spare the time to say hello (or maybe you have a job lead?), that would be wonderful. Khalifa moved here because of death threats he received after he was identified while working as a journalist. You can read about his decision to immigrate here.

This is one of the articles by Hussein I particularly admired (you’ll note a different name, used as a safety precaution at the time). He also took photos to accompany that article: as you can see here.

Presently Iraq is one of the most dangerous places on earth to report the news. I’m hoping that we can together at least offer Khalifa a safe and welcoming harbor, in appreciation for his sacrifices.

Thanks all, for giving this some thought.

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