When Mike Stark asked Joe Courtney if he would vote for a health care bill without a public plan, Courtney blew him off and wouldn’t even give his name (VIDEO).

It’s the less-civil answer he gave to reader Hugh B., who called into WNPR to ask Joe Courtney if he would take The Pledge. Courtney refused — he took issue with Hugh’s contention that 76% of voters support a public plan (they do), but he says he is confident that there will be one in the final House bill.  

Courtney says he needs to be able to "compromise"because he "wants to get healthcare done" this year, which is exactly what Jim Moran said — when arguing there weren’t enough votes in the House to pass a public plan.  Since Courtney sits on the Education and Labor Committee that will be marking up the bill, that’s not encouraging.

Blue Cross is trying to raise rates in Connecticut by as much as 32% — the average person would face a 22% to 30% annual rate hike.  Having a strong, competitive public plan is one of the best ways to keep that from happening.

If Courtney cares more about his constituents than he does his donors like Aetna and Wellpoint,  why won’t he answer a simple question?  Because the Blue Dogs don’t have any problem saying where they will draw the line in screwing over the public, and as long as Courtney stays silent, they control the conversation.

It sets Courtney up to take a bad vote — just like he did on ACES and the supplemental — just to "get something passed."

DC office:  (202) 225-2076 (860) Norwitch office: 886-0139, Enfield office:  (860) 741-6011.  Chief of Staff:  Jason Gross.  Legislative Director:  Neil McKiernan.  

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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