Tenured civil servant and state of Tennessee insured Glenn Reynolds explains that if it was up to the Democratic socialist organ-harversters in Washington, his whole family would be dead, immobile, or moping about the house:

Perhaps our medical history is more involved than most, but probably not by a lot. And yet many members of my family are living better, happier lives — or, heck, just living — because of medical innovations made in recent decades, innovations that probably wouldn’t have been made under a government-run health system. And as medical technology progresses by leaps and bounds, the next few decades are likely to see much greater progress, unless it’s throttled by bureaucrats.

Because, when it’s on the governments tab, innovation dries up, which might explain why our military men and women are currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan with pointy sticks and small but sharp-edged pebbles.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....