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61 Times……..Really?

Really? Does it really take 61 stabs to make sure that a person who makes an unwanted sexual advance learns their lesson? Well, according to a jury last week, that if someone makes an unwanted sexual advance, you can stab them to death using the “gay-panic defense.”,0,2721749.story

Does anyone else find this as disturbing as I do?

Seriously, 61? I'm sure the guy didn't learn his lesson after 60 stabs, and that just one more would really teach him.

Murderers of ALL forms will have a new defense. Could any of you imagine, if we had a “Mormon-panic defense?” Or how about a Christian-Taliban-panic defense? Or how about a straight-panic defense?

I find this to be absolutely mother-effing-believeable that has just KILLED my entire week. It is time for the Senate to PASS THE MATTHEW SHEPARD ACT!!!!!!!!!!!

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