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Young Republican election proves the GOP will continue to be the party of Palin

Over at The Daily Beast, John Avlon has a couple of stories about the Young Republican's Chair, Audra Shay, and how she managed to be elected to the position.  Per Avlon, conservative Shay's 470 – 415 win over “center-right”  Rachel Hoff was spurred on by her laugh out loud endorsements of racism and, possibly, a homophobic whisper campaign insinuating that her opponent's wardrobe and ghastly support of civil unions:

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there with Hoff: As one of only a very few Young Republicans nationwide in favor of Civil Unions, Rachel Hoff attempted to convince the YRNF in 2007 to adopt a stance IN FAVOR OF CIVIL UNIONS. Although Rachel was not wearing a dress like her female counterparts, but her typical suit, her attempt was met with ridicule and frustration. It was overwhelmingly shot down and left the idea in many delegates minds of: Why would Rachel Hoff support Civil Unions?


One would think that Shay could have relaxed after using Hoff's misdemeanor conviction for committing voter fraud that stems back to a 2004 South Dakota Senate race against her but, I guess, she was concerned that the delegates might not have a problem with voter fraud when a Republican is committing the act.  It seems as thought the vote itslef was as contentious as the campaign with people being ejected, fist fights and a public voting process that some say was used to intimidate delegates to vote for Shay

 “I believe that people were intimidated,” said North Carolina delegate John Ross.  “Without a secret ballot, many people did not have the opportunity to vote their conscience.”

It's quite a statement that these young Republicans seem to have the same fear of voting their conscience here that those in countries run by despots have. . .


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