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Palin: I’m Not Leaving Politics and Will Stump For ANYONE!

What a shocker, huh?

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she’s not only staying involved in national politics, but she plans to jump back into the national scrum when she leaves office at the end of the month.

The former Republican vice presidential nominee said she plans to write a book, campaign for political candidates from coast to coast – even Democrats who share her views on limited government, national defense and energy independence – and build a right-of-center coalition.

“I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation,” she said during an interview published Sunday in The Washington Times.

Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley announced Palin was scheduled to speak to the group’s private gala on Aug. 8 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. The event – reporters will not be allowed to attend – will take place in an airplane hangar that houses a retired presidential aircraft Air Force One and will stir more questions about her curious resignation.

It’s nice to see that just like during the 2008 failed bid for the White House, Little Sarah is keeping herself well protected from the evil media…

But talk about utterly delusional- she wants to stump for DEMOCRATS.

Let’s all say it together: “Thanks… but NO THANKS!”

This should be entertaining as hell, watching candidate after candidate find excuses as to why they don’t want her there…

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