Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs lies incite people to Murder

Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs lies incite people to Murder is a Lie that incites Murder Free Speech? Does not the rights to Life, Liberty (from fear of lies) and the Pursuit of Happiness (free from fear of being Murdered) Trump the Freedom to Lie?

By conventional wisdom, El Paso, Texas should be one of the scariest cities in America. In 2007, the city’s poverty rate was a shade over 27 percent, more than twice the national average. Median household income was $35,600, well below the national average of $48,000. El Paso is three-quarters Hispanic, and more than a quarter of its residents are foreign-born.

El Paso also has some of the laxer gun control policies of any non-Texan big city in the country, mostly due to gun-friendly state law. And famously, El Paso sits just over the Rio Grande from one of the most violent cities in the western hemisphere, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, home to a staggering 2,500 homicides in the last 18 months alone. A city of illegal immigrants with easy access to guns, just across the river from a metropolis ripped apart by brutal drug war violence. Should be a bloodbath, right?

Here’s the surprise: There were just 18 murders in El Paso last year, in a city of 736,000 people. To compare, Baltimore, with 637,000 residents, had 234 killings. In fact, since the beginning of 2008, there were nearly as many El Pasoans murdered while visiting Juarez (20) than there were murdered in their home town (23).??El Paso is among the safest big cities in America. For the better part of the last decade, only Honolulu has had a lower violent crime rate (El Paso slipped to third last year, behind New York). Men’s Health magazine recently ranked El Paso the second "happiest" city in America, right after Laredo, Texas—another border town, where the Hispanic population is approaching 95 percent.

"The evidence points overwhelmingly to the same conclusion: Rates of crime and conviction for undocumented immigrants are far below those for the native born, and that is especially the case for violent crimes, including murder. "

So just when will CNN’s Lou Dobbs and Fox New’s Glen Beck hire some fact checkers?
CNN, Fox you guys do know that Public Broadcast licenses can be pulled don’t you?
I want the right to choose what cable tv channels I pay for on basic cable.
Come on Obama or do more kids have to die? I refuse to pay a dime for these murders anymore!

I want some Hate Crime laws. Freedom of Speech should not include lying with the aim of inciting people to riot and Murder based on lies! Immigrants, Gays Liberal Democrats why should we put up with the constant threats from the Right Wing Media anymore!

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