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After 11 days of quiet, protesters in Iran unveiled a new hit-and-run strategy this week, NBC News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel reported on the July 9, 2009, Rachel Maddow Show. Engel explains that the relatively smaller and shorter (in time) protests replace the mass demonstrations because increased number of arrests and deaths and greater violence make the large protests unsustainable in the long term. At 1:50 of the segment (here at MSNBC), Engel reports that the protesters are able to organize the protests because they are managing to communicate by internet, cell phones and txt msg.

The segment begins with a video of a dark Tehran night filled with defiant shouts of Allahu Akbar. That video alone is worth a view. Maddow points out that she is relying on the people in Iran for the news and images that she is broadcasting.

As I wrote earlier this week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation produces the Tor anonymizing software. Tor allows the protesters to circumvent censorship systems and remain anonymous while reading, writing and sending video on the internet, thus avoiding retaliation by the Iranian government. (Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about such things in this country.) Adding your computer to the Tor network helps the protesters remain anonymous online by increasing the effectiveness of the network. The Tor software can downloaded here.

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