Pull Up A Chair…

babygifts264__61731.jpgWe haven’t done a "getting to know you" post for a while.  Since that time, we’ve had a lot of new folks join the FDL commenting and writing community.

So I thought this morning, we might start the day with a howdy.

And an invitation to folks who don’t often comment to step out and say "how do you do."  Because you know we’d all love to meet you.

Consider yourself at home. Consider yourself part of the family.  And consider yourself invited to introduce yourself to everyone as if they hadn’t met you yet. 

Because some of the folks reading may not have done so.

Plus, some who’ve been around for ages might find out something they never knew about you, too. How fun is that?!?

To start the conversational ball rolling, here are a few fun questions for everyone to answer — some, all, one, whatever — pick yer poison:

1. You are at a party with a well-stocked, open bar. Your drink of choice is _________?

2. Your favorite book of all time, ever, in the history of literature in the universe, because it’s so damned awesome is. . .what?

3. Harry Potter — love it or loathe it?

4. You have a horrible cold or a case of the mopes, and your partner offers to get you your favorite comfort food and a movie. What do you want to eat and watch?

5. If you could travel anywhere, and expense and time were no impediment or concern, where would you go and why?

These threads are always a blast, so kick back, say howdy and enjoy the read. Pull up a chair…

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