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Come Saturday Morning: The Blue Dogs That Won’t Hunt Together

fractured-bd.thumbnail.jpgNot surprising: A bunch of "Blue Dogs" — conservative GOP-wannabee Democrats that usually vote the way their major Big Business donors tell them to vote — sign a letter huffing and puffing in order to blow down the public-option part of the health-care reform proposal.  Surprising: Not all of them signed the huff-and-puff letter.

Honest, see for yourself. (Warning: 2MB PDF file.) Count up the number of signatures (40) versus the current number of Blue Dogs (52).  

Even better: Look at how many Blue Dogs have signed onto the principles espoused by Health Care for America NOW! (PDF here), which is foursquare behind a public plan.

Better still: Loretta Sanchez has now openly broken with her fellow Blue Dogs to endorse the public plan!  Yes, for real!  Here’s the video.   (This is actually the stance the Blue Dogs should take if they’re really serious about cost-cutting, as ThinkProgress’ Igor Volsky points out.  But instead, their letter urges that the exact opposite happen — that more, not less, be spent!)

Come on, progressive Democrats!  If Loretta Sanchez can muster the spine to go against the Blue Dog leadership, you can show the courage to do what 72% of Americans want you to do and give us a public option — and you know that the only way to do that is to draw a line in the sand and say this:  No public option, no deal.  Hey, we’ve even sweetened the deal and set up a special ActBlue page for those of you that take the pledge. 

Come on in, the water’s fine!  Don’t make us keep Whipping you!

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