bluedoglickbutt.thumbnail.jpgThe standard line of defense used by persons sticking up for the Blue Dogs, be it on health care or any other issue, is that they’re not corrupt or money-driven or anything like that, but are simply voting the way their constituents want them to vote.   Let’s put this to the test by looking at their stance on the public option — which is the only meaningful health care reform being seriously considered in Congress right now. 

Here’s a list of the Blue Dogs. Now go to and look to see who’s throwing the most dough in the Blue Dogs’ coffers. Then look at whose industries are favored by the Blue Dogs’ votes.  In the first eight months of 2008 alone, their PAC took in $455,800 from the health care industry — an industry that typically donates heavily to Republicans.

Oh, but you say, the Blue Dogs aren’t all about the money — they’re just voting their districts, which are conservative/Republican, and their constituents don’t like the public option.   Let’s look at the career of Bud Cramer, former King of the Blue Dogs — now working for a particularly sleazy firm lobbying his old buddies on Capitol Hill.  How can anyone say he’s not all about the money?   As for the idea that the public option doesn’t sit well with Republicans:  Well, guess what — 50% of Republicans back meaningful health care reform such as the public option, and 72% of all Americans do so

Why are the Blue Dogs so out of step with what a majority of their constituents want? Just follow the money.   (And in the meantime, don’t forget to Whip for the public option!)

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman