Shorter Michael Calderone: "Nico Pitney asked the hardest question at a press conference and Dan Froomkin has been one of the loudest voices calling out Obama for flip-flopping on his campaign promises. Ergo, the HuffPo must be in the tank for Obama."

Liberal bloggers came to a quick verdict on the Huffington Post’s announcement Tuesday that it was hiring Dan Froomkin, the recently fired Washington Post blogger who made a name for himself criticizing former president George W. Bush: Old media’s loss is new media’s gain.

Coming after the recent Beltway debate over coordination between Huffington Post’s senior news editor, Nico Pitney, and the White House over a question about Iran at a recent presidential news conference as well as President Obama’s decision to call on another Huffington Post reporter at his first White House press conference, the choice of Froomkin to oversee reporters as Washington bureau chief seemed to solidify the site’s identity as a progressive voice heavily invested in Obama’s success.

They’ve got some really funny mirrors over at the Politico, because they apparently can’t see themselves very clearly over there.



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