Greg Sargent’s crack team gets a Netanyahu spokesman to address the report that the PM calls Rahm Emanuel* and David Axelrod self-hating Jews:

 We had our reporter, Amanda Erickson, contact Netanyahu spokesperson Mark Regev for comment. He denied the claim, saying: “I’ve never heard the prime minister use such language.”

Asked how it ended up in the paper, Regev brushed off the importance of the report, and snapped: “I’m at home with my family.” He then hung up.

Greg claims that an international incident has been averted. But c’mon dude: that’s a non-denial denial. Regev didn’t vouch for Netanyahu never saying that AxelRahm don’t form a self-hating Jew Voltron. This story doesn’t end until Netanyahu personally says that Axelrod and Emanuel are righteous-ass Jews.

* It’s not so hard to spell, people.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman