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How To Be Civil- In A Gazillion Easy Lessons!

I’m going to take a very gentle position on this topic- in my mind, it’s very subjective and open to individual interpretation.

But for me, online civility includes 2 things:

1. Not posting anything I wouldn’t want to have to read in a court of law.

2. Not posting anything I wouldn’t also say to a person’s face.

We all have differing levels of what we personally find acceptable behavior and language; some things are going to set one person off and not the next.

That’s why the “TOS” and other clearly defined rules of online behavior are imo a good thing- otherwise, we’re all essentially playing “Online Monopoly” without knowing the specific rules.

So… that’s about it for my thoughts. Not especially deep and rather simplistic…

How do we achieve civility? Damned if I know- it’s kinda like the “South Park Underpants Gnomes:

1. Collect Underpants

2. ???

3. Profits!

But I’m fully committed to trying to do better personally at listening to what is being said, asking questions without attacking (much) as to achieve online civility… 🙂  

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