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Fresh Air’s Terri Gross Repeats Unsubstantiated and Debunked claims about Iran

On Thursday’s Fresh Air program Terri Gross repeated unsubstantiated claims about Iran and what Iranian President Ahmadinejad has allegedly said about Iran. I have heard Terri do this many times, along with Daniel Schorr and other mainstream talk show host along with the warmongers who lied our nation into Iraq

These unsubstantiated claims about Iran have been repeated by Cheney, Feith, Ledeen, Woolsey, John Bolton, and many others. But when we have talk show host who really should know better after the American public had so much false WMD intelligence stuffed down their throats by our leaders, the MSM etc. One would think Terri Gross, Daniel Schorr and others would be more discriminating, check their facts and stop repeating these unsubstantiated claims after the deaths of thousands based on the WMD false intelligence. Can we expect more out of them. Does not look like it.

Terri Gross repeated these unsubstantiated claims yesterday and I have heard her do so in the past. Come on Terri stop it…very very dangerous!

Over the upcoming months we are going to hear these unsubstantiated claims about Iran and these debunked statements allegedly said by the Iranian President endlessly repeated. We are witnessing those in the media play along with the folks who want a military strike on Iran. Why?

Please challenge Terri Gross and anyone else who is more than willing to repeat these false claims. Please keep track of how often you hear them repeated. This fall we are going to witness a concerted effort by those who want more sanctions placed on Iran based on these unsubstantiated claims. We need to counter this pressure by calling our Reps and letting them no…no more sanctions. No support for Israel’s desires to militarily strike Iran. No War on Iran!

Listen for yourselves

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