I’ve been absolutely slammed with a piece that I’ve just filed to my Windy editors and so blogging has regrettably ground to a halt. But I see that the plotters of the Honduran coup say such charming things that I had to take note.

"I have negotiated with queers, prostitutes, leftists, blacks, whites. This is my job, I studied for it. I am not racially prejudiced. I like the little black sugar plantation worker who is president of the United States." 

That’s Enrique Ortez Colindres, the foreign minister of the coup-y government, demonstrating the fruits of his deep diplomatic experience. Will the comments like these make the coup’s Congressional apologists think twice about the people for which they’d compromise the U.S.’s recent position of supporting the entrenchment of democratic rule in Latin America?

Also: You know who I’d actually like to hear weigh in on the coup? John Negroponte, the former DNI and ambassador to Honduras. Has anyone seen any Negroponte commentary since Zelaya was ousted?

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman