Alicia Shepard’s Journalistic Paganism Shepard continues making her offerings to the thunder god, the American political elite, by adhering to her "belief" that it’s torture when they do it, but legitimate "intelligence gathering" when we commit it. Glenn Greenwald compares her views with reality here.

I have to disagree with Glenn, a rarity:

I’ve been going back and forth on whether Shepard’s deficiency is primarily one of intellect or whether she’s just a hard-core Cheneyite.

I’m now convinced — after her statements yesterday on that show I did with after her — that it’s both. Anyone who can say that what we do is not "torture" because we do it for the right reasons — whereas it’s "torture" when those other countries do it because they’re sadistic and bad — is someone who is devoid of both basic reasoning skills and good motives.

There’s another option. Ms. Shepard needn’t be a Cheneyite or too stupid to know what’s she is spouting is propaganda or both. She could have been hired because she is qualified to be a tobacco salesman: someone who doesn’t care how wrong she is in what she claims, just that it promote her and her employer’s profits.

Traditional media’s choice to give up journalism in favor of transcribing what the government tells them is meant to keep its corporate profits safe. They thereby abandon their readers to the undisputed whims of their government, something as unsafe in public life as it is in private ones. It has spawned atrocities, revolutions, abuse, depression and divorce alike.

I agree with Glenn that attitudes like Ms. Shepard’s, Judy Miller’s and Elizabeth Bumiller’s (and many others) enabled the Bush and now Obama administrations to avoid liability for their excesses – including the need to stop them. If nothing else, it’s based on the misconception that it keeps us "szafe" and that it "can’t happen here".

When they come for Alicia, will there still be a Glenn Greenwald or Marcy Wheeler to complain? Or is she determined to avoid that fate by always being on the side of the accuser?

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