Baba Ramdev contends that Homosexuality is a curable disease – from TimesofIndia

" Noted yoga exponent Baba Ramdev on Tuesday moved the Supreme Court with a special leave petition (SLP) challenging the recent Delhi High Court judgement decriminalising sexual relationship between two consenting adults in private.

The SLP advanced Ramdev’s view that "homosexuality is a disease that is curable" and went on to quote a Spanish psychiatrist who also held the same view. "Right to privacy as a facet of right to life cannot include the right to enjoy deviant sexual preferences and sexual behaviour," said Ramdev. "

That’s right folks, a Yoga Guru with an estimated 2 million followers is making this claim, which runs counter to the tenets of Yoga (which means that all are equal) and to all tested scientific evidence and fact. This is the same "Guru" who believes that Condoms should not be distributed to prevent HIV-AIDS. He also believes that if everyone does enough Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercises), there would be no craving for even one drop of Alcohol, even though the places in India where prohibition exists sees the highest % of alcohol abuse and deaths caused by illegal alcohol.

How can I dispute his beliefs even though he has over 2 million followers and I have none ?

Simple … a true Yoga teacher should create Leaders, not followers. If I had even one follower, I would consider myself a failure as a Yoga/Meditation Teacher.

The World would be a better place if there were less Ramdevs and more Leaders who understand that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Science has understood this for some time now. A Yogi is not a Yogi when he is blinded to facts and reality.

*first Diary … be gentle with me* *g*