Sheila Jackson-Lee to call for Congressional investigation into the murder of sailor August Provost

Thank god this case is gaining traction. After that ludicrous Time magazine article, “Gays in the Military: Does a Sailor’s Murder Signal Deeper Problems?,  that blamed the victim by saying Provost’s murder is a sign that the military “isn’t ready” for repeal of DADT, House member Sheila Jackson-Lee wants to get to the bottom of what may be a hate crime based on Provost’s sexual orientation. (Rod 2.0):

The announcement by Jackson-Lee — who has a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign — comes at the same time other members of the Congress are pressing for action. Sources tell Rod 2.0 the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, and the Black Leadership Forum are making a joint statement demanding a full investigation by the Department of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy. Rep. Bob Filner (D) of suburban San Diego, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, says his panel will investigate, too. Filner wants also wants DoD and the Marine Corps to investigate whether the killing of the sailor was a hate crime.

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