Michael Jackson isn’t the only sensitive human hurt by the witchhunt.

Once our society was hysterical about Communists and gays which weren’t considered really human and which decent people couldn’t expect to begin to understand. In today’s world it is pedophiles instead.Michael Jackson convinced many that he was a warm and decent human being who had a right to be around children. But there are many other who also faced vague charges, and have been badly hurt by the pedophile witchhunt. I hope the love people fear toward Michael can be used to lessen the impact of a terrorable witchhunt. Clearly if a child learns to have a frustrating pattern of future relationships or a little girl suddenly feels intense pain between her legs as an adult is on top of her etc., then steps must be taken to see that it never gets repeated, but laws like Megan’s Law are very vengefully, and the Courier Post back then wondered why after kids through rocks at the three pedophiles, Megan Kanka’s family didn’t know who lived next door.Hopefully the Jackson memorials can lead to less paranoia against pedophillia. If you remember the Scottish School teacher who accused a camp owner of being a pedophile, making the camp go bankrupt, because the camp photos all had the boys with their shirts off, things can get pretty vague.Let’s have a campaign for a more tolerant world, instead of just remembering one person who got away with being different. If everyone who knows of someone who was badly hurt, spoke out it could make a real difference. The witch hunt as been happening for 40 years it may be a while before another apportuntiy advances to lessen the impact.See Rumblings from the Hornets Nest, and

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