Massachusetts State Senator Stan Rosenberg, small_SRosenberg.jpga Democrat, came out to his constituents in a recent Independence Day op-ed in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, identifying himself as:

a foster child who grew up as a ward of the state, as a gay man, as a Jew.

Rosenberg is the Senate President Pro Tem and has served as Assistant Majority Leader and as the first western Massachusetts legislator to chair the Senate Committee on Ways and Means.
Rosenburg has been an advocate for marriage equality but says he rarely addresses his sexual orientation publicly, saying “I don't practice identity politics. I practice policy politics.”  In the op-ed, he says:

I firmly believe that we will never fulfill our potential as a just society until we embrace the principle of equality for all and adhere to it as fundamental immutable policy.

The anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund has already tagged Rosenburg  as a “homosexual politician” on their website.  Be prepared for the anti-LGBT nuttiness to begin.

Rosenberg joins at least six other openly gay members of the Legislature.

Whatever Rosenburg's reasoning for coming out so publicly, I welcome it.  The more out people we have in leadership positions, the better.




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