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Billionaire Pickens Drops Windmill Project

Sadly this reporter ,brings you the News,that T.Boone Pickens,oil magnate,has dropped plans for his windmill farm,His mighty lungs could NOT support adequate wind,though he mightily blew hot air at EVERY opportunity,sad that!

Pickens backs off wind farm project: repor

Source: Reuters

Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens has called off plans to build the world’s biggest wind farm in the Texas Panhandle, the Wall Street Journal said.

Pickens said the wind farm project was scuttled partly because of the lack of adequate transmission lines to carry the electricity from remote locations to cities, according to the paper.

The oil tycoon had hoped to build new transmission lines but could not secure financing, the paper said.

Pickens plans to find new homes for the turbines that he already agreed to buy, the paper said, citing a statement.

Pickens could not immediately be reached for comment by Reuters.

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