Biden to Smack Boehner Around on Stimulus


Joe Biden to John Boehner: That stimulus spending you’re looking for is right under your nose, dude.

Biden’s office has announced that he’s traveling to Cincinnati tomorrow to highlight stimulus spending. But here’s what it doesn’t say in the Veep’s press release: It turns out Biden’s stimulus event is taking place right next door to the district of Boehner, who has proclaimed that the stimulus has flopped in his state.

That doesn’t appear to be a coincidence.

Boehner has been one of the leading critics of the stimulus package, most recently claiming that no stimulus contracts had been let in his home state of Ohio, though some stim cash seems to have landed right in Boehner’s district.

Biden is going tomorrow to Cincinnati, right next door to Boehner’s district, to hold an event at a formerly abandoned factory that’s being developed with stimulus money, where he’ll highlight other recovery act cash being spent in the state.

Maybe the Veep reads FDL.

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